Let’s Talk: Godzilla

Today, we will talk about the monster that tried to stop nuclear activity. It is…Godzilla! (obviously) Godzilla is probably the most famous movie monster of all time. The creature was created a long time ago but then Funko made their own monster. Godzilla except cuter, smaller, and made of vinyl! Okay that was a long beginning. But let’s actually start talking about this figure. The Godzilla POP figure is personally one of the best 6 inches ever made. It looks a lot like the Japanese toys of Godzilla. They have other variants but this is my personnel favorite. However, it really sucks that you cant rotate its head. So I need your help. Should Godzilla be a 4/5 or a 5/5? Or something else? Let me know! Thanks! -Roag


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