Let’s Talk: Funko HQ

Now you might be saying, why is he reviewing a store? The reason why is that I just visited Everett to go see the Funko HQ! I also went for other nerdy stores…but anyway! I think that this place is the best Funko shop ever! Oh wait, it’s Funko’s headquarters. This place deserves to be known on the streets, in houses, in the air, even underground! The Funko HQ is absolutely outstanding. By the way, I got 12 POPs from Everett…I really don’t know how to use money properly. If you are a fan of Funko and want to go to Seattle then you need to go to the Funko HQ! The address for it is: 2802 Wetmore Avenue    Everett, WA 98201. I suggest going on Funko’s twitter (@OriginalFunko) to check the hours. I hope you can go and have the time of your life! Thanks! -Roag

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